Why can’t you bet on fishing?

Fishing is a serious sport but it isn’t really seen that way by the majority of people. Only us crazy enough to spend our lives on boats wish we could watch fishing on the TV too in the same way we watch horse racing or football. Still I can see the mass appeal of these sports but dammit I want some fishing on my TV. SO while we are at it I also want the bookies to start offering markets on fishing competitions. As it is my area of expertise I might actually stand a chance of winning something. I guess that is never going to happen though and I am stuck to being a loser when it comes to my gambling habit.

At least that was what I thought until a fellow fisherman and self confessed gambling addict introduced me to the world of matched betting. Now I’m sure the alarm bells are ringing but I was only joking about him being an addict. In fact every bet he has ever placed has been risk free and to add to that he makes money on nearly every bet as well. Matched betting is this crazy new fad that is hitting the internet right now. I first saw it mentioned by Martin Lewis on the telly but I never really took it in until my friend starting telling me how much money he was making by being a member at oddsmonkey.

So after reading up on this amazing website on a few review websites I decided to take the punt as it were. I’m glad I did! In my first month of matched betting I made just shy of £500 profit. It is so easy it really is crazy. There is nothing to it. Bookmakers are giving away cash in the form of free bets and you can turn every single one into a profit with the help of some clever Oddsmonkey software and a little bit of know how.

So if you want to know more like I did when I first heard about this then head over to this website and start reading up. Then get a premium membership and start making some money from home. It really couldn’t be easier!

Now if I could only bet on myself catching a whale next week…